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Screw Piling Services in NZ

Are you looking for screw piling services on the North Island in New Zealand? Whatever type of project you are working on, we have the ground screws, equipment, and expertise you are looking for. We will develop a customised solution, we’ll respond quickly to your call, and the work will be completed efficiently. In fact, the work will be completed considerably faster than alternative forms of piling, helping you save time on your project schedule.

With our extensive experience supplying screw piles and providing screw piling services, you will get the solid foundation you need for your project. To find out more and to get a quote, please get in touch.

High-Quality Screw Piles & Ground Screws NZ

At Basepro, we are authorised agents for the supply and installation of Blade Pile screw piles in the Waikato area. Blade Pile ground screws provide the ideal alternative to traditional screw piles made from steel as they have more holding force and a high load capacity. They are also an excellent alternative to concrete piers.

Blade Pile screw piles are fully compliant with New Zealand regulations, and they are manufactured from high tensile steel. We supply and install them because we believe they are the best screw pile on the market. They deliver high standards of performance that exceed other piling methods for an affordable cost.

To find out more about the Blade Pile ground screws that we use at Basepro, please get in touch with a member of our team.

Benefits of Our Screw Piles and Screw Piling Solutions

  • Reduced noise levels – screw piling is a quiet and uninterrupted method of providing a solid foundation for your construction project. The installation of screw piles does not require heavy ramming or the use of large machinery. This is good for other workers on your site, and you won’t have unhappy neighbours fed up with construction noise.
  • Fast installation – when you contact us about your screw piling requirements, we’ll respond quickly to your call, and we will get you into our schedule as soon as possible. The work at your site will then take a day or less, depending on the size of the project. This is considerably shorter than the weeks that are the norm for conventional piling methods. In other words, we can save about three weeks on your construction schedule when you choose our screw piling method.
  • Clean operation – we’ll also leave your site clean after the work, whereas there is a lot of levelling and tidying to do when you use conventional piling.
  • Suitable for ecologically sensitive locations – our screw piling solutions are suitable for ecologically sensitive locations as the installation of the ground screws cause minimal disturbance.

Our Expertise

At Basepro, we have experience providing screw piling solutions on a range of projects, including residential and commercial construction projects. Our clients include developers, builders, architects, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers, and more.

To speak to us about your project and to find out more about the screw piling solutions and services that we offer, please get in touch.


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We have an excellent reputation in the industry as a leading provider of our specialist services. You’ll get a competitive price when you come to us, expert advice, and a personal standard of customer service. We’ll also respond quickly to your call, working reliably and efficiently to complete the project with minimal delay.